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Information in English

Hemnes Turistforening has four modern cabins close to the Okstindan area in Nordland, Norway. We are member of DNT, Den Norske Turistforening, and if you have the DNT key you can access all our cabins. Kjensvasshytta is locked with a separate key Winter, but it is possible to borrow it.

For more information  write an email to styret@hemnesturistforening.no

There is no food or other service in our cabins. Price per night is NOK 150 for members and NOK 300for non-members. Children under 15 pays NOK 50 per night. Day visits cost NOK 50 for members and 75 for non-members.

Want to pay for using our cabins:


Bank Helgeland Sparebank
Account no if you pay in Norway
4512 46 59764
IBAN – account no. for international payments NO67 4512 4659 764

Post address: Hemnes Turistforening, Sentrumsveien 17, 8646 KORGEN, NORWAY